Author Chat: WORKING CLASS HERO: The Autobiography of a Superhuman

We sit down with author James Robert Smith to talk about his newly released book

June 17, 2020

Superhumans meet Roman gods in this action-packed book
The following is our discussion with author James Robert Smith about his book, WORKING CLASS HERO: The Autobiography of a Superhuman. The book is available on Amazon at the following link:

LiveBookPrices: What inspired you to write about superhumans and Roman gods, and to bring them together in one story?

James: I have been a comics fan since I was eight years old (1965). That's when my dad opened up his first used bookstores and soon found he'd accumulated so many old comics that he had to lease a warehouse across the street from his store to deal with the volume of comic books. I was allowed to take home anything I wanted to read, with no limit on amount. So I'd bring home grocery bags filled with comics. I read every type of comic you can imagine that was published between the 1940s through the 60s. But I was especially smitten with Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four comics and Steve Ditko's Spider-Man. Later, when I began to make professional sales I was able to sell a number of scripts to Marvel Comics in the late 1980s. Later, as first a horror writer, and then science-fiction novelist (THE FLOCK, optioned for film by Warner Brothers) I was bound to write a superhero series, which I have now done with WORKING CLASS HERO: The Autobiography of a Superhuman.

I added the Roman gods as among the antagonists because I figured superheroes need villains that can really give them a challenge. I did my best to create a slightly tilted version of the gods and a logical reasoning for why they would be real, and why they would reappear after two thousand years.

LiveBookPrices: What kind of reader does your book appeal to?

James: All fans of superhero comics, TV shows, films, and novels have reacted positively to the book. It's mainly written for an older audience--18 and over. If you like the sub-genre, or are interested in sf, fantasy, and human drama the book should appeal to you.

LiveBookPrices: What was the best part about the writing process?

James: With this book the best part about the writing process is that I'd been thinking about the project for so long that it was exceptionally easy to write. Of all of my novels I wrote it the quickest. It took me eleven weeks from plotting to finishing the manuscript.

LiveBookPrices: What do you hope readers come away with after reading the book?

James: This is pure pulp fiction. It's action and humor, adventure, with a depth of characterization. I want the readers to have had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. I want them to come away from the experience thinking of Billy B, the protagonist, as fully realized and the reader having an emotional investment in the guy that makes them want to return for the following books. I'm hoping to have the second novel in the series ready for publication by the end of this summer, or early fall.

LiveBookPrices: James' book, WORKING CLASS HERO: The Autobiography of a Superhuman, is available on Amazon. Thanks to James for taking the time to talk to us about his book. We look forward to the next book in the series coming out soon as well. The link to this book is again below: